BUGFIX: The field to hold the sort order direction for a forum was only set to varchar(3) when it needed varchar(4)
BUGFIX: Fixed a parse error with the Print Thread script.
BUGFIX: Fixed a SQL error when deleting a user.
BUGFIX: The limit for nested quotes was actually limiting the amount of all markup of a particular type.
BUGFIX: Group Images were not displaying in private messages.
BUGFIX: The Who's Online Island will now properly sort by last activity instead of alphabetical.
BUGFIX: Fixed a javascript bug with the Use/Execute links on the Database Command page in the Control Panel.
BUGFIX: If an integer value was entered into a field and the value started with 0, the 0 would be chopped off when added to the database.
BUGFIX: If a user canceled their subscription through paypal it would immediately remove their access from the group. This has been changed so the user will still have access to the group until the original expiration date, since they've already paid for that time.
BUGFIX: When editing a forum, the forum sort order was defaulting back to Subject instead of Last Post.
BUGFIX: Some code/html blocks wouldn't display properly in IE.
BUGFIX: Fixed a SQL error when mass changing user groups under certain conditions.
BUGFIX: When a user is over their private topic limit, Administrators will still be able to send them a new PM.
BUGFIX: When quoting or quick quoting a post made by a guest user, it will insert the proper name if the guest chose something other than Anonymous.
BUGFIX: Fixed a couple issues when merging posts.
BUGFIX: When Category Only mode is enabled, the Last Post column wasn't always showing the actual last post.