BUGFIX: Using a font-size not on the list of valid sizes would return a /color closing tag. Now the tag just isn't parsed at all, and only the inner text is displayed.
BUGFIX: It was possible to send private message to users marked as underage when viewing one of their posts.
BUGFIX: Spaces were not being allowed anywhere within a login name. Changed this so they only aren't allowed at the beginning or end.
BUGFIX: Users will always be able to view their own profile even if they can't view other's profiles.
BUGFIX: When a user was removed from a group, it wasn't removing the group image associated with that group.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue when deleting an unapproved post made by guest users.
BUGFIX: Fixed a couple of language file issues when banned users returned to the forum.
BUGFIX: Fixed a few issues with user profile comments.
BUGFIX: Fixed a few XHTML Compliancy Issues.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with the texteditor and IE8.