BUGFIX: Fixed a couple of bugs with the Private Message Quota.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug with the maximum file upload size when this was specified in bytes in the php.ini file.
BUGFIX: Havng the same path for avatars and attachments would cause some issues with files being overwritten. Put in a check to make sure it doesn't allow both to be the same.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when searching through Subscriptions. If a filter was applied to the search it wouldn't carry over to the other pages of the search results.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with the mass mailer and sending via BCC where not all users would get the email.
BUGFIX: Fixed a few issues with the Online Now Portal Box where it wasn't always updating properly.
BUGFIX: Fixed a couple of issues concerning sticky topics. A bug allowed them to be moved which would cause several issues, like being listed in the wrong forum, multiple forums, etc. Fixed the bug, and also updated the Forum Rebuild content rebuilder so it will fix any that had already been moved.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug with Moderators not being able to set custom titles even when their permissions allowed them to do so.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue that was preventing spider friendly url's from working on some servers.
BUGFIX: Fixed a couple global variable issues that led to potentional problems with custom islands.
BUGFIX: Several more bugs have been fixed for this version while work was being done on version 8, but were undocumented.