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7.5.7 dissing my modem? #254336 12/11/2013 11:18 PM
Joined: Apr 2012
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57-Vette_F.I. Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 14
I access Internet from home via AT&T (please don't throw those rocks), and from work via Earthlink through an AT&T phone line.

The original home modem was a Westell 2200 DSL, which AT&T later replaced with another modem. Being a pack rat, I never threw the 2200 away.

When Earthlink was originally installed at work, I was having a lot of problems with sync loss every 1.5 minutes or so. Earthlink sent me several modem brands - nothing helped. In desperation I brought the Westell 2200 to work and - with the help of an Earthlink techie - repurposed (reconfigured) it to work with Earthlink. That didn't help, either. Finally an AT&T service person traced down the problem to a defective card in one of their underground repeater vaults. Thus fixed, I then opted to use the Earthlink-supplied VisonNet E200ER, so I retired the Westell again, but never reset the reconfig.

The VisionNet worked well for about 8 years; 4 years in the previous location and 4 years in the current location (different repeater station). But very recently our communications link has started randomly dropping sync. And always when someone at work had filled in some (form) and submitted it to some 'net site. Earthlink could never pinpoint the problem, but they were suggesting that our VisonNet modem was the cause. No proof, just finger pointing.

Needless to say, I never had a problem when submitting any of my (long winded) texts to either this site or the message board site using UBB 6.x or 7.5.7.

In an effort to appease those experiencing communications loss, and also to prove or disprove Earthlink's claims, I brought out the Westell and put it in place of the VisonNet. Now everyone else here is happy, but . . .

With the Westell modem linking our computers to the Internet (remember, it was reconfig'd for Earthlink way back when), I'm experiencing several problems trying to post something on either this or the other UBB message board.

At first it appears to be message length, but that's not a hard and fast character count. What I'll do is type in my message (such as this one) and then click on PREVIEW POST.

IF my message is more than ABOUT 75 characters, the Preview box (below) displays a message something like "Loading Preview ..." and there it hangs. Forever and ever.
Until I mouse back to the text input box and click anywhere therein. Likewise, clicking on SUBMIT also hangs. My post is never accepted / processed by UBB, and the 'in process donut' in the associated Firefox tab just keeps spinning and spinning until I am finally rewarded with a message stating that the UBB site link has timed out.

Truth be told, this and the other UBB site are the only two that I submit posts to. BUT - our other employees are experiencing ZERO PROBLEMS when they submit text to various sites such as Ebay, any of our several web sites, etc. No dropped communication link. No lost nor stalled submissions. No problems. (In fact, they tell me that their response times are faster with the Westell than they were with the VisionNet.)

So by removing the Westell and reinstalling the VisionNet I can submit this post with zero problems. But if the Westell was in my communications chain, this lengthy post would never be posted to this site (nor the other one).

What say you all? Couldn't find anything similar on this board, nor at other sites.

RIck- ("Rick" with a dash - the 'other Rick')

Express Hosting
Re: 7.5.7 dissing my modem? [Re: 57-Vette_F.I.] #254341 12/12/2013 5:57 PM
Joined: Dec 2003
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Ruben Offline
Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 5,940
well I can only surmise that it is a timeout issue with posting.
To many variables to consider.
But the first would be the westell and the dsl service.

eight years is a long time for hardware technology for connectivity.

Plus it could be compatibility with it on your current service.
There is a critter called docsys.
if the westell is not compatible with the newer versions of docsys.
then you don't get the speed you expect.
Since I don't know the specs of the modem or your ISP service.
I don't use dsl I have cable.
and I had connection speed issues and it was due to my cable modem only supported docsys 2. not 3.0.
I had dropped connections resets etc.
It was only until I replaced my modem to one that supports docsys 3 did my problems go away.

But I don't see how this is a bug with a stable version such as ubb7.5.7

Blue Man Group
There is no such thing as stupid questions. Just stupid answers
Re: 7.5.7 dissing my modem? [Re: Ruben] #254344 12/13/2013 1:37 AM
Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 14
57-Vette_F.I. Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 14
Ruben --

Thanks for your input. Near as I can tell (which doesn't mean one hell of a lot) the 2200 is pretty much up to my communications task.

Thanks to your input, found this group of DSL Report sarticles on config'g. the AT&T-specific Westell 2100 / 2200 / 6100 modem series.

Didn't know that my 2200 contains a router. My 2200 feeds a separate router so there MAY be a conflict going on here that I was unaware of. Links from the above-linked page have a plethora of other things that I probably should check out, too.

FWIW, we're running on a 1500 / 256 DSL connection, which seems to exclude the need for ADSL2+ but since AT&T has purportedly gone that route, it's another facet that I need to delve into, again thanks to your response.

IF push comes to shove, I'll just have to ask Earthlink to send me another modem, or buy one on the open market and config it for E'link.

RIck- ("Rick" with a dash - the 'other Rick')



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