I still get this error when trying to email everyone. Is it me or the new board?

Script: /home/tempora7/public_html/rpg/admin/dosendemail.php
Line#: 173
SQL Error: Column 'USER_ID' in where clause is ambiguous
SQL Error #: 1052
Query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ubbt_hbnmsgUSERS as t1, ubbt_hbnmsgUSER_PROFILE as t2, ubbt_hbnmsgUSER_DATA as t3, ubbt_hbnmsgUSER_GROUPS as t4 WHERE t2.USER_ACCEPT_ADMIN_EMAILS <> 'Off' AND t1.USER_ID <> '1' and t2.USER_ACCEPT_ADMIN_EMAILS <> 'Off' and t1.USER_ID = t2.USER_ID and t1.USER_ID = t3.USER_ID and t1.USER_ID = t4.USER_ID AND USER_ID NOT IN ('22','39') and t2.USER_TOTAL_POSTS < '5' GROUP BY t1.USER_ID ORDER BY t1.USER_ID ASC