The header.tpl file

I think this can be improved a bit.

For my forum I can think of a couple different menus I might like to show a visitor depending who they are:
- Admin/mod
- Registered User
- Unregistered user or non logged in user

I think what would be nice in the future is if the menus were just kept in seperate tpl file so they could be easily changed updated or modded. Then the header.tpl just has a function to pick the right menu from the users status and off we go.

Right now modding the menu takes a lot more work then it should.

I am trying to switch over to a graphic menu --- And well holy cow its more work then I wanted to do LOL!

Another good idea would be a "revert button" on all the tpl files.

So if you bork one all up you can just revert it.
Similar to how IPB operates if any of you have used that.

Just something for 7.X

And I see I don't know where to post LOL!
Sorry its in the wrong place blush

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