7.2 Feature Added a new option in the control panel to force all users to accept the board rules on their next visit. As soon as this is checked, all users will need to agree to the board rules, even if they are currently logged in.
7.2 Feature Added an ajax routine to allow the icon next to a forum to be double-clicked to mark an individual forum as read.
7.2 Feature: Added information to the Who's Online screen to show the actual topic a user is looking at.
7.2 Feature Change: Modified the Who's Online Screen. If a user has permission to view the Referer/Agent of visitors, there will now be a small "info" icon next to the name. Hovering over this will display the popup with that content. If there is a referer, the icon will be clickable which will lead to the actual refering url.
7.2 Feature: Added a button on the Quick Reply screen to switch over to the Full Reply screen, preserving anything you've typed for your post up to that point.
7.2 Feature: When a user removes themself from a private topic a note will be added to the topic to let other participants know.
7.2 Feature: Added an option to Administrator's profile to allow them to be notified when a new user registers on the forum. Before they would only be notified if the Moderation Queue was turned on.
7.2 Feature: Added the ability to add a description to files that are being attached to a post.
7.2 Feature Change: Modified the Online Tracking so it stores the original refering url for guest users. This will allow admins to see where guests came from even if they've been online for several minutes.
7.2 Feature: Added a new logging feature. This one will keep track of how visitors got to the forums. If there is a refering URL it will be logged and admins will be able to view this information via the Control Panel.
7.2 Feature: Teaser Forums added. This will allow you to designate a forum as a teaser forum. These forums will be displayed on the main forum listing page even if the user doesn't have read permissions. If they try to access the forum they will get a message stating that they don't have access.
7.2 Feature: Added 2 new options in the portal layout section. These options will allow the admin to only have the left or right columns display on the main portal page, and not on the actual forum pages.
7.2 Feature Change: Modified the Member management screen to allow for searching on partial IPs for both the Last Post and Registration IP fields.
7.2 Feature: When Guest posting is enabled on a forum, guests will now have the option to choose a username to post under, instead of just 'Anonymous'. This will go through the normal checks and not allow them to use names reserved, in use, too short, too long, etc.
7.2 Change: Added a new tmp directory to the UBB.threads directory structure. Any files being uploaded will go here during the posting process, and only moved to the final directory after the post has been submitted. This will keep orphaned attachments out of the final upload directories.
7.2 Feature: Added a new Gallery section to the control panel. Added configuration options, for using GD2 or Imagemagick, max height/width for thumbnails, medium sized and full sized images. Also add a image quality setting for thumbnails, medium sized and full sized images.
7.2 Feature: Finished with the GD2 functions for taking an image upload and creating the full, medium and thumbnail sized images from the original.
7.2 Change: Created a new post.tpl template. This template holds the layout of an individual post, including the poster information, subject, body and options such as edit/reply/etc. Modified the showflat/showthreaded and viewmessage templates and scripts so they now use this template. This change makes it so the look will be consistent throughout all of the scripts and it will be easy to modify without needing to edit multiple templates.
7.2 Feature: Finished the basic design of the gallery listing page. When you go to a forum that is designated as a gallery, instead of getting a list of topics, you'll get a list of thumbnails along with some basic information, poster, caption, views, etc.
7.2 Change: Consolidated the showflat/showthreaded scripts and templates into one script and one template. This cuts down on a lot of duplicate code and will make future updates to the script much easier. Existing links to showflat/showthreaded will not change.
7.2 Feature: Added a new control panel/user option and post display template to show the user information on top of the post instead of on the left side.
7.2 Change: Changed the online/offline indicator to just show the actual mood image, with alt/title text showing online/offline. Moved this up next to the username. This makes it so when the user info is on the side it doesn't take up so much vertical space.
7.2 Feature: Added a new option under Feature Settings in the Control Panel, to disable/enable user moods. Online/offline indicators will still show next to the posts, but use the default offline/content images.
7.2 Feature Change: Removed the page value from all links to showflat/showthreaded. This is now stored in a session variable.
7.2 Feature: Finished with the actual display of images in gallery forums. A few more things to do in the gallery area, and the gallery feature for 7.2 will be finished.
7.2 Feature Change: Modified the online screen so it will show the forum title along with the actual post a user is looking at.
7.2 Feature Change: Rewrote the sending screen for private messages to fix some issues with sending private messages to users with certain characters in their usernames while running under various language encoding settings.
7.2 Feature: When a user views their list of private messages, it will now show all participants in each private message.
7.2 Feature Change: Added the board title to the subject of emails that are sent out for notifications and watched topics.
7.2 Feature Change: Since other email notifications send the body of the post, notifications of new private messages will send the post body as well.
7.2 Bug Fix: The "Show User Avatars" setting in Topic Display Options, will now work properly for users that are not logged in.
7.2 Feature: Added a graph to the top of the list of private messages to show how many PMs a user has compared to their private message limit.
7.2 Feature Change: Rewrote the admin logging routine and now storing the logs in the database. New functions for searching for logs during a certain time period. Also now logging more information. With this change, admin logging will be on by default and will no longer need to be setup in the control panel.
7.2 Feature Change: Replaced the screen to show all user's posts with a new version. This new version doesn't use the search engine code at all and also has an option to give a view showing all topics the user has started. Thanks to Ian Spence for sharing the code for this.
7.2 Feature: Added new CSS classes to the Forum Summary properties. This will allow styles to be created where the rows will alternate color when listing topics in a forum. It also gives the ability to set properties for the rows that contain new topics/posts.
7.2 Feature: Added a control panel option to send out Happy Birthday emails on each user's birthday.
7.2 Feature: Added a new permission for individual users to be able send/receive private messages. Admins will always be able to send private messages to users even if their ability to send/receive is turned off.
7.2 Feature: Added an option to limit the number of attachments/photos a user can attach to a single post.
7.2 Feature Change: Modified the Active Topics Screen to give an option to show active posts as well, which will show all posts made within the timeframe specified.
7.2 Feature: Added an md5 stamp to the posts table to prevent users from creating duplicate posts.
7.2 Bug Fix: Pointers to moved topics were using the topic creation date instead of the last reply time. Thanks to blaaskaak for the fix.
7.2 Bug Fix: The date shown on the calendar's showday script was wrong when the language was set to something other than english.
7.2 Bug Fix: When the list of user titles was changed it wouldn't update old titles properly when the post count thresholds were reached.
7.2 Bug Fix: Custom Profile fields would not accept a value of 0, instead they would treat this as empty, causing a required fields error if it was a required field.
7.2 Bug Fix: Fixed a variety of bad links on the selectmovethreads and selectprunethreads admin scripts.
7.2 Bug Fix: When only one user title was specified, it would result in a sql error when updating the titles of all users.
7.2 New Stylesheet Class: Added a forum_extras class. This will be used for the list of moderators or subforums that are displayed underneath the forum descriptions on the cfrm page.
7.2 Bug Fix: Pointers to moved topics were appearing in the Recent Topics Island.
7.2 Bug Fix: Added several tab indexes to the posting and pm screens. Thanks to blaaskaak for the fixes.
7.2 Bug Fix: Added some wordwrap code to the Recent Topic/Post Islands so it will break words longer than 20 characters.
7.2 Bug Fix: Fixed a problem with the ... link in multipage topics resulting in no post being found. Also, if a topic has more than 200 replies, the Show All link will no longer appear.
7.2 Bug Fix: Using php code in the body tag of custom islands would result in a problem when the custom island was edited later.
7.2 Feature Change: The board rules will now be displayed when first clicking on the register user link. The user must agree to the rules before being able to get to the next screen where they fill out their actual user information. This will help so people don't miss the rules checkbox.
7.2 Feature: Added a new spoiler markup tag. Thanks to Gizmo for the code that's being used with a few slight alterations.
7.2 Bug Fix: The Active Topics page would sometimes give an incorrect total number of pages depending on what forums the user could actually view.
7.2 Feature Change: Changed the active topics layout of the posts to be more like what is in use at ubbdev.com, where the body preview always shows. This will fix some problems with the popups under some browsers.
7.2 Feature Change: Modified the Latest Topic/Post Islands to include the poster and time of each post.
7.2 Upgrader Change: When upgrading, the upgrade script will now modify all of your existing stylesheets to add default properties for any new classes that have been added.
7.2 Installer Change: Modified the install routine in how it installs the default stylesheet(s).
7.2 Upgrader Change: Added a new section to the upgrade routine that will check to see if permissions need to be set on any new directories/files. For example, in 7.2 this will check to make sure permissions are set on the new tmp directory as well as the gallery directories.
7.2 Feature: Added a new set of Gallery Islands to the Portal Layout section. This will allow admins to create side islands that contain the latest thumbnail images from designated gallery forums.
7.2 Feature: You will now be able to import any styles made for version 7.0 and up. During the import it will add any new classes, taking the defaults from other classes in the style.
7.2 Feature Change Modified the file/image attachment process so filenames with multibyte characters won't cause issues. Also, medium and full sized images will now be shown via a script instead of the src linking directly to the image.