Righto, I just tried moving my forum to a new server and failed miserably. wink

I was able to do the following:
-dump the db
-tar both the dump as well as the forum folder titled "ubb"
-wget both to the new server

What I couldn't do: tar (unpack) any of the files on the new server

1. This is what I got when I typed "tar -xzvf forumdump.tgz" into the command prompt:

...a pause that lasted a few seconds, and then this...

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

2. I was also unable to tar (unpack) the forum files. I did the wget while being in the web root of the new server account, so the tgz file was naturally saved in "public_html" which was what I wanted. But when I tried to unpack it (tar -xzvf ubb.tgz) it simply listed all the compressed files like this... but no new files appeared anywhere so nothing got unpacked:

and so on...

What's interesting is that it was listing the path that was used on the old server: home/forum/... (which surprised me because why should a compressed file list the previous absolute path of all its elements), whereas on the new one the correct path is home/ubb/... Still, nothing was unpacked anywhere.


Any thoughts on how I can move my forum files across successfully? Is there a way to move over the ubb folder using wget but without a) having to compress anything -and- b) keep the original file permissions? The compression thing is messing me up and I can afford to go without it. But how can I keep all forum file permissions intact?