Re: [yui3] Announcing YUI 3.0.0 beta 1

Eric, Diogo,

Matt, who has taken ownership of the YUI CSS engineering effort, may have more comments on this, but here's the gist: The current Grids system was designed with the needs of older browsers (including Firefox 2) in mind. With Firefox 2 coming off the A-Grade in the next GBS update (due in July), there are structural changes that we want to make in engineering a successor to the 2.x version of Grids.

Rather than release the current implementation, which is based on YUI 2.x Grids, we want to step back and rethink the overall approach. Most of the new functionality in the 3.0.0PR2 Grids release can be addressed in 2.8.0, and stepping back for now on the 3.x Grids project gives us the flexibility to make a better long-term engineering decision for that component.


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