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If you would like to zip up your Variable files and UBB files and send them to me through email I will go over all your files and see if I can figure it out for you.

I will PM you my email address.

That is the most amazing & generous offer I've ever heard and thank you so much.

But I really don't want to trouble you guys with this any longer as I decided today (after a week of fighting with it, with no guarantee in the end) to just do the Import/Export from Classic (all the posts & Member's details exported perfectly to 7 big fat TXT files nicely for me) and go the whole hog and come along for the ride with UBB Threads with the rest of you. It'll take me most of the day no doubt but I just can't not have a Forum any longer (we've a launch of a new 'Airwolf' TV series soundtrack product out today and my In-box is heaving with folks howling for its return).

Guys, honestly I've been *SO* impressed by how friendly and helpful it is here. I've never experienced that before on the web for Tech like this. Kudos to all of you. It has been truly respected and appreciated!

I'll be back regularly to browse the other forums now. Many thanks again.

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