I've seen in the past that several of you use FlashChat and decided to buy a $5 license myself to play with it.

It says it's designed to work with UBB.Threads in an integration; well, it says it can't find my config file during install, so I emailed the owner, like a week ago, no response. Tried emailing him numerous times since then, no response.

So I post on a thread that another UBBer started months ago on their "support forum" which had, no helpful response. Then last night I posted "So what, this Darrin guy has no problem taking our money, but refuses to do any type of support? I just want this thing to install" and I finally get an email! But, it was from the forums, saying I have a "warning" for "harassing" another member... Evidently saying I want this trash script to work is against their terms of service...

So here it is for you all, FlashChat and it's "support" is a joke... And this isn't the first script I've bought from the place either, I've owned The Ultimate Family Tree (the script his domain name is based around) for eons (at least 6 years); I won't be going back.

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