Thanks for all the great advice, Ruben. I realize upgrading is a no-brainer, but if I were to cause the board to crash in an attempt to upgrade, I would be beheaded, thus making my brain a moot point wink

As for creating a group and setting the sig permission to "0", that does work in the sense that a "newbie" group member would get this message should he set a sig:

"The contents of the Signature field is too long."

That unfortunately would cause him to make an ever shorter and shorter sig until he finally realizes that even just one character in the sig field would cause him to receive that message and thus let him know he simply cannot post a signature at all.

One other point I don't understand is ..

Then if you wish to promote them to a group with more features after x number of posts.
Control Panel » Group Management
You will see a box to add a number of posts to elevate them to.

This will sound dumb, but do I put the "x number of posts" designation in the box for the group I just created? That is, if I created a group called "newbies" and it is the default for new registrations, do I put say "10" in the box for "post count" in the "newbies" group? And if so, what group does it elevate them to? Users?

Thanks, too, for your suggestion, Tim. I may go that route if this makes my cerebellum explode wink