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I went from vista to win7 and I can tell you win7 is much better
Thanks for the feedback smile
Any specific reason as to why?
cleaner, faster, better... Even M$ reported that vista was a mistake and recommended people migrate to W7...

I started on this pc from dell with Vista, the speed improvements of Win7 where like night and day... Stability was remarkable, I went from a BSOd like every night to nada...
Yeh, yeh, yeh.... I have done system building, upgrading and repairing for years, so I try them all. Aside from personal preference, the long-standing Vista hate campaign was nothing but a joke perpetrated by a few and it went viral. I have 5 operating systems on my main machine (XP, Vista, Win7, Ubuntu, Salix). In real world comparisons, I see no measurable difference between Vista and Windows 7. In fact, my conclusion is Win7 is nothing more than a glorified Vista. There are some 'internal' changes which I am sure are titillating to the 'geeks' and justifies their virulent denigration of Vista.

Truth is, I've been running Vista as my main OS since Vista was released. I have had virtually no major problems with this system whatsoever. It runs everything and anything I throw at it and it is extremely fast. My Windows 7 system with less on it is not any faster. I have never had to "allow permissions" for one single application; UAC was turned off on first boot-up. Contrariwise, I had to install Virtual Machine on the Win7 system to be able to run a couple of legacy apps. There is nothing wrong with Win7. And do recommend it to those who want to upgrade from XP. It still demands lots of RAM vs. XP (just like Vista), it has the same hardware driver issue (just like Vista), etc.

Lastly, my extremely fast Vista system is simply a well thought out and balanced machine that runs like a clock: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.0Ghz); Asus M2N-E ATX; Mushkin SP DDR2 800 (4 gigs); WD 1TB WDC WD 10 02FAEX (3 other WD drives, 2-250 and 1-500); ATI Radeon HD 4670. As you can see, it is 'dated' and no 'extreme' components. This 'horrid' Vista OS has been my favorite OS of all time and has served me well for 6+ years (pre-release versions to the present). I have no interest in Windows 8 nor any need at this time to upgrade. If I live long enough, perhaps I will be forced to upgrade to a future OS due to application incompatibility with my Vista system. But until such time, I'm sticking with and loving Vista, much to the amazement of the "Lemmings" out there. hahaha.

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