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My mom bought a new laptop, sat and nagged me to put W7 on it from W8 lol

To hopefully save you some time by not having to install an older/less secure OS, make this two changes:

1) In Windows 8.1, Right-click on the task bar, choose Properties and select the "Navigation" tab.

[Linked Image]

2) In the Start Menu > Apps screen, sort the display "by category."

Now your W8.1 will for the most part, display like W7 at boot and on the desktop, except it will have the improved security and optimizations of Microsoft's current OS.

Microsoft OS v6.3 = Windows 8.1
Microsoft OS v6.2 = Windows 8.0
Microsoft OS v6.1 = Windows 7
Microsoft OS v6.0 = Windows Vista
Microsoft OS v5.1 = Windows XP
Microsoft OS v5.0 = Windows 2000

In Windows 8.x, you never have to run a "Modern UI" application if you don't want to... except for its Modern Start Menu. A quick and easy solution for people who are confused by the Modern Start Menu is to simply install "Start8" for them.

Start8 is like a crutch, for people who find it easier to move backwards than it is to move forward.

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