With the intent to lookout for all of your current paid license-holders (customers), is there a timeline for a release-to-public of the above-mentioned solutions which you've adopted in to UBB Central?

Since the most recent UBBT release on 11/30/2013, there has been a possible login cookie problem for all users of Internet Explorer 7 (and prior versions). On a url with an underscore, IE silently drops all cookies for that host and refuses to accept new ones. The server sends Set-Cookie response correctly, yet the cookie never shows up in IE.

I'd rather license a forum software with a company who properly maintained release timelines and enforced integrity assessments and mitigation instead of a forum software which shoots the messenger and dismisses all risks/bugs for every license holder.

On 05/10/2014, following my thorough report and suggested solution, you've fixed the problem here on your user-to-user support forums, UBBCentral.com, but you haven't made the fix available to your currently licensed subscribers.

Please don't be just another company who cares more about being "right" while ignoring the problem, rather than protecting/supporting your license holders (customers) from known flaws in your software.

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