I have an odd problem which I'm guessing might be related to file permissions.

I own multiple UBB licenses. I recently had to move all my websites over to a brand new hosting facility with Windows Server 2012. I have two virtual servers. One server is working perfectly fine. UBB on there runs quick and easy.

The main BellaOnline forum is on a separate server here -


I have the MySQL slow query log turns on and nothing meaningful is showing up. But when I try to post it goes for the full 2 minutes I allow it and then times out. It can't be MySQL because it would show up in the slow query log. I have to guess it's file permissions. And indeed when I run the permission checker I get a variety of errors. But I checked and IUSR does have the rights it needs.

Is it not IUSR? That's what the documentation seems to say?


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