I think the point that Gizmo was trying to make, was that the mobile pages within 7.6.0 are intended to supersede whatever customizations you're making right now. Trying to get discussion forum pages to fit within a 320px width screen has been really fun.

According to what Gizmo has seen of the 7.6.0 mobile pages already, his point is valid. Though, there are some updates that have not been merged in to the preview code that make this discussion purely an issue of preference, and will not affect 760's mobile pages at all.

So, you both are right cool

side notes -
Mark, in 760, the "Re: " has been removed from the preview column, giving every forum 4 more chars to play with.

Gizmo, I'm merging those updates in to the preview forum's code within the hour. (ubbdev.com = preview forum)

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