Copying the shoutbox posts, since they're amusing:
driv: In the UK, April Fool only lasts until 12 noon. I turned my UBB upside down but got stuck in traffic and didn't restore things 'til 12.30 - I got lots of complaints from my stuffy academic members about that. frown
Gizmo: Rofl, that's a good one...
Gizmo: Does anyone else have any good showings?
Gizmo: I once turned off my forum for 12 hours with a "we're closing up shop" message, members wheren't very happy... back when the site was relevant anyhow.
Gizmo: UBB.threads looks surprisingly nice a television...
id242: use the SNOW java that you would normally use at xmas time, but instead of snow, use a smilie face
id242: change the postside/posttop {$signature} code to url that links to the rick-roll video. get creative for what you call that link. everyone's sig will give teh rickrollz
id242: (dont forget to change it back... or actually, forget to change it back until April 3rd) smile
id242: make a backup of your images/gremlins/defa
ult directory, and have all the image be "laugh.gif" (or use .htaccess to do this)
id242: use a javascript to flib just the images on your entire website.
id242: or just simply flip your website's logo for the day, by using a photo editor. no script/html hacking needed.
id242: If you use LEFT/RIGHT COLUMNS, you could just reverse them for the day. its quite harmless and very simple to do. it doesnt mess with your site's display, but may catch a few people off guard.

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