I did, Permission check doesn't catch this situation:
cache (OK)
cache_builders/custom (OK)
gallery/137/full (OK)
gallery/137/medium (OK)
gallery/137/thumbs (OK)
gallery/default/full (OK)
gallery/default/medium (OK)
gallery/default/thumbs (OK)
gallery/index.html/full (OK)
gallery/index.html/medium (OK)
gallery/index.html/thumbs (OK)
images/avatars/default (OK)
images/forumimages/default (OK)
images/graemlins/default (OK)
images/graemlins/default_dark (OK)
images/icons/default (OK)
images/icons/default_dark (OK)
images/markup_panel/default (OK)
images/markup_panel/default_dark (OK)
images/news/default (OK)
images/news/default_dark (OK)
images/moods/default (OK)
images/moods/default_dark (OK)
includes (OK)
languages/english (OK)
languages/english/admin (OK)
sessions (OK)
styles (OK)
templates/default (OK)
tmp (OK)

Not sure, but maybe Permission Check is simply looking at the file system permissions, and not what access the 'user account' has.
I think for permission check to catch this error, it would need to actually open the file for writing() to make the determination.

Thanks Gizmo for the list. I will make these updates pronto.

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