They don't see any issues that would block the stopforumspam web site. However, in poking around in the stop forum spam script I notice something interesting / strange. If you look at this code where the stopforumspam API is contacted:

PHP Code
// Check API Status in a popup
if ($op == 'test') {
$xmlResult = @file_get_contents("". $_SERVER["SERVER_ADDR"]);
if($xmlResult != false) {
	$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlResult);
	if($xml->appears == 'no') {
		$SFS_Status_Class = 'sfsgood';
		$SFS_Status = $ubbt_lang['SFS_STAT_GOOD'];
	} else {
		$SFS_Status_Class = 'sfsbad';
		$SFS_Status = $ubbt_lang['SFS_STAT_BAD']; 

When I go into the Stop Forum Spam control panel and click "test connectivity" I get a popup that I think SHOULD say either "Can Connect" or if it is not connecting, it should say "Can't Connect" But instead I get blank for IP Status. Any other ideas or thoughts?