Hey Guys,

First time poster here. I recently inherited the ubb specialtactics.com/forums site and as a beginner at anything website developing, I am struggling. I successfully updated the site to 7.6.0 hoping to solve my mobile responsiveness problems. It changed the look of this site somewhat. The forums are still getting chopped off for some reason. When viewing the main forums or a topic, as a mobile user i still need to scroll side to side or zoom out to view the entire wording.
I have attempted different themes and a few other items to try and solve the problem but I'm at a loss.

I wouldn't mind having the forums have a layout very similar to this board's but I feel I'm a long way from figuring that out at this point. I cant even get the mobile layout correct.

Any tips on what is causing my mobile issue?
What theme is this board utilizing?

Thanks for the help.