Hi there:

Just did an update on our live server - went about the same as on our test environment (which isn't on GoDaddy) going to 7.6.0 then 7.6.1 except GoDaddy doesn't have ext-mbstring enabled on php so the line 1189 in libs/ubbthreads.inc.php gave an error for unknown function. The line is:

$title = mb_convert_case($title, MB_CASE_LOWER, "UTF-8"); //convert to lowercase

I changed it to:


There doesn't seem to be any other references to ext-mbstring so I didn't roll the install back. But just so you know seems to be a common issue so if that library can be avoided it's a good thing.


PS Oh and for some reason the unread counts on the Forum Index page has all messages as new even tho the unread count inside the forum topic is right.

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