If you want to try another dry run, remove the following entries from the install/UPGRADE_CHANGES.txt (you shouldn't need to remove the 760 lines that remove the files):
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/autosize.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/css3-mediaqueries.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/dropzone.css
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/dropzone.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/html5shiv.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/jquery.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/close.png
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/jquery.rotate.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/lightbox-plus-rotate.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/lightbox.css
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/loading.gif
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/next.png
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/prev.png
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/rotate.png

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