Changelog 2019-04-20
[NEW] Social Profiles have been added. They are customizable and can be enabled/disabled from within the "Control Panel > Profile Settings > Social Profiles" page. With Social Profiles, your members can display their additional contact information in their Member Profile page. Your forum's current data already in the member profiles (pre-7.7.2) will be imported in to the new system upon upgrading. Social Profiles are no longer hard-coded. You'll now be able to customize or remove each when they change or close doors, such as the most recent shutter of Google+.
[NEW] Identicons are now an option which can be used for posts made by members without avatars or anonymous users. This can be globally enabled/disabled for members or anonymous posters from within the "Control Panel > Profile Settings > Avatars" page. When disabled, the poster's avatar, when they have custom avatar set, will be the initial-icon. These avatars are only displayed next to their post content, in the author information section.
[NEW] Text Editor interface selection. From "Control Panel > General Display > New Post/Reply Page Settings" you can now select which style of text editor to use. 1/ Standard: Basic editor. 2/ Standard-FA: Basic editor with FontAwesome buttons. 3/ WYSIWYG editor. Moved to UBBT773
[NEW] Author Content items can have their CSS individually customized. From within the Style Editor, each item can be customized, displayed or hidden, per style. For example, If you dont want to display author-avatars, or author-location next to each post, it can easily be set with a single line of CSS. The non-displaying items will still be available within member profile pages, but it will be hidden from posts. Author detail spacing, alignment, font decoration can also be easily done here. This will affect post_side.tpl and post_top.tpl for both desktop and mobile display.
[NEW] Post/Message "edited wording" can now also have its CSS customized, or can be hidden completely.
[NEW] Debugging mode will now also display links to the HTML and CSS validators, to assist in checking your custom code for validation errors.
[NEW] Search will now populate fill in the "Keyword Search Term" entry box from data name/value pair ( ?q=Hello+World ) appended to its URL. This is useful for sites utilizing their own search text input box in headers or content islands prior to landing on your forum's search page.

[UPDATE] CP: Style Editor previews have been updated to be consistent with the template updates as of 7.7.2.
[UPDATE] CP: Exporting just styles will now use just their style name. Exporting styles with their wrapper will continue to include "_with_wrapper" in their file name.
[UPDATE] CP: Many common field entries have been given an acceptable number range for content entered to them. An error message will be displayed if the entry is beyond that range, and you will be prevented from submitting your changes until it is corrected.
[UPDATE] Text Editor is no longer limited to a height of 730px. It will now display to the entire length of the user's post content.
[UPDATE] ShoutChat box received some minor language updates to be more user friendly.
[UPDATE] Post poll results received minor display updates.
[UPDATE] Failed login/bad password message time has been updated from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
[UPDATE] Follow/UnFollow toggle icons for users, topics, forums have been updated and are now consistent across the software.
[UPDATE] Query optimization to make use of proper indexing for large forums with over three-million posts (Big thanks to SD for tracking this and providing simple code resolutions!)
[UPDATE] Query rewrite for forums which have members who have over ninety-thousand posts. "Not having this change can bring a board to it's knees." (Another big thanks to SD for tracking this and providing simple code resolutions!)
[UPDATE] SQL Error output display is now easier to read. If the error was generated by a manual SQL Query Command within the Control Panel, the original query will be displayed exactly as you wrote it, along with the easier to read error message.
[UPDATE] Lots of updates to the post_side and post_top pages to reduce any code duplication and improve post presentation.
[UPDATE] Updated Font Awesome library from 5.7.2 to version 5.8.1.
[UPDATE] Updated jQuery library from 3.3.1 to version 3.4.0.
[UPDATE] Updated TinyMCE from 5.0.1 to version 5.0.3.

[FIX] Fixed missing "Edit User" button in the Profile Display page for Admins and Moderators viewing their own profile.
[FIX] Fixed missing "Edit User" menu item in Private Message author menu.
[FIX] Fixed missing "Become User" menu item in Private Message author menu.
[FIX] User groups with access, can no longer "Become User" for themselves within the Post Author menu.
[FIX] Members can no longer "Follow User" for themselves within the Post Author menu.
[FIX] Group Colors are now correctly displayed for post author names being displayed on mobile devices.
[FIX] Fixed Numbered Lists (CSS and BBCode) within posts.
[FIX] Fixed/hide display of social contact fields for users who have not logged in since UBB.threads 7.6.0 release date of 2017-02-15. This is the date when YAHOO/AIM/ICQ/MSN fields were re-purposed instead of being disposed of, as they should have been.
[FIX] Fixed display of ShoutChat in the User Menu for users who do not have access to ShoutChat (Thanks to whk for reporting this bug!)
[FIX] Fixed display of Member List in the User Menu for users who do not have access to view the member list.
[FIX] For forums which allow and manually approve Display Name changes, the emailed link now forwards directly to the member manager page.
[FIX] Several HTML fixes throughout the templates.

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