Changelog 2019-06-10
[NEW] CP: New forum feature toggle to require HTTPS for hotlinked inlined images. Enabling this feature will only allow hotlinking of images from secure urls (HTTPS) to be displayed inline. Hotlinked images from insecure urls (HTTP) will be presented as a clickable link. When you enable this feature, its recommended that you also rebuild your Posts, Signatures, and Private Messages with the Content Rebuilder, to update your older posts. When enabled, users editing their profile are notified, "Remote avatars must be https" and "Hotlinked signature images must be https." The Site Permissions editor (CP) for those permissions will also display a notice if this enabled feature.
[NEW] CP: New Content Transition tool. This tool will update all existing Main Forum URL references from HTTP to HTTPS (SSL). This action includes posts, private topics, profile comments, signatures, and user avatars. This performs the actions described in the OP of this thread. Preview: ->

[UPDATE] SECURITY UPDATE: Fetch IP library has been updated to clean up any ports, comma separated lists, and perform additional IPv4/IPv6 validation & handling. In the uncommon case where a valid IP address cannot be determined, the connection will be refused with an "Invalid IP address received" notice.
[UPDATE] CP: When debugging is enabled, on some pages which execute database actions, the database commands will be displayed.
[UPDATE] Profile Editor "Avatar (Profile Picture)" section has been updated with; 1/ Radio buttons for NONE and STOCK will now automatically highlight when they are being used. 2/ If not using a system assigned avatar, you'll get the warning about removing your preferred avatar if you select it. 3/ A broken avatar image no longer displays when there is no avatar. That code bug is now squashed. 4/ Cleaned up the "browse for file" button presentation. 5/ If the forum requires https and allows remote avatars, you'll get a warning of this requirement.
[UPDATE] Updated FontAwesome library from 5.8.2 to version 5.9.0.
[UPDATE] Updated TinyMCE from 5.0.6 to version 5.0.7.

[FIX] Breadcrumb not wrapping issue has been fixed. (Thanks to PianoWorld for reporting this bug!)
[FIX] The modern Hop-To Menu (in toolbar above post) and the classic Jump-Box Menu (footer of posts) lists will now truncate titles correctly.
[FIX] CP: Subscription date modifications have been corrected to use proper date formats of "YYYY-MM-DD" rather than relying on language strings, which vary with each language. (Thanks to BlackMale for reporting this bug!)
[FIX] "Remove nofollow in post content links if the link has the main forum url in it" introduced in UBBT759 now works as described.
[FIX] Cleaned up several scripts and templates.

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