UBB.classic Version 6.3.0 beta release 2 has been released to the member area.

UBB.classic 6.3.0 beta release 2 is the second test release that contains three changes from beta release 1 and fixes many of the bugs that were found in that version.

- New product naming + graphics
- Admin copyright added to popups
- Recent Visitors now off by default in new installs

Bugs fixed:
- Poll result percentages tweaked depending on type of poll (radio / check all / check some)
- Forum stat rebuild now closes the board properly
- Unregistered users can no longer view the new topic form when loginless posting is enabled and the forum has restricted write permissions
- COPPA birthdate fields (dropdowns on intitial reg attempt) were off by one, resulting in unlabled dropdowns.
- Daysprune defaulted to all in new installs
- Initial registration was not an admin (limited to 6.3 betas)
- Win32/Apache no longer creates extra /cache- and /user-groups directories
- Fixed "blank, 1900" after prune by user
- XHTML fixes
- Signature editing fixed when UBBCode image tag disabled, but sig contained HTMLized [ img]
- Private message preview always rendered UBBCode image tag as on, even if disabled
- Race condition relieved during new topic creation
- Avatar sorting was confusing
- Font size in UBBCode list tag fixed
- Pagination dropped last page on occasion
- Forwarding sent to previous page on occasion
- "Birth Date" not wordletized in profile edit page
- High-bit characters no longer stripped from search word removal tool
- Various typos

UBB.classic 6.3.0 will add many new features to the UBB.classic line including:

  • user avatars
  • Updated the search feature to use less memory and search more accurately
  • Added the ability for Admins to filter words from being searched for. This helps tailor the search for your site
  • Added the ability to turn off the display the home page link, as well as the contact us link.
  • Updated the mail library for increased error checking and return of error warnings.
  • Added custom Member Title Levels
  • Added the ability to create and use custom HTML and style templates.
  • Added ability to export style sets to exchange with other UBB admins
  • Added the ability to match a forum's transition templates to the forum.

As with the last beta release in the Member Area you will find many download options to fit your needs including:
  • Full download including everything. All of the avatars and all of the new template sets.
  • Full download with only 12 avatars and no new template sets (smaller download).
  • Upgrade download including everything. All of the avatars and all of the new template sets.
  • Upgrade download with only 12 avatars and no new template sets (smaller download).

The optional avatar packs and template sets can be downloaded separately in case you want to download just the UBB now and install the add-ons later.

Thank you to JC at UBBDesign for creating the new html and style templates as well as one of the avatar packs.

Upgrade instructions, installation instructions, and other documentation can be downloaded at http://www.infopop.com/support/ubb/beta.html . We will be providing documentation for creating your own template and style sets later on in the beta period. At this time we would like everyone to use the addtional sets we have provided.

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