UBB.classic version 6.6 beta release 2 has been released to the Member Area.

Included are a number of fixes found by both our beta test team and license holders that have downloaded beta release one from the Member Area. There have been a number of bugs found and fixed, here are the hightlights -

  • Problems with signature images have been resolved
  • Three reversed toggles in the control panel have been fixed (related to content island formats and hidden email prefs)
  • Removed a check for a vars_ file that did not exist
  • Fixed pruning topics by user number to ensure all topics are properly selected
  • Removed a Recent Visitors data corruption bug in the Admin View
  • Removed a Recent Visitors data corruption bug when viewing a user profile as a non-Administrator user
  • Forum style associations are now saved properly when on pages 2 and higher
  • Fixed a bug preventing private forums from being turned into archives
  • Additional format validation added to the Welcome PM user number field
  • HTML emails sent from the control panel now properly include the email style set Header and Footer
  • Removed HTML filtering from the forum description field
  • Fixed a minor image sorting bug when editing a style set
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with post counts of zero when viewing a profile
  • Added additional filtering code to the delete forum process
  • Fixed a spacing bug with the time system
  • Added code to ensure that all areas using a style are reassociated when the style is deleted

Remember, this is a BETA release and we do not recommend that you use this beta for production or mission critical applications.
Be sure to review the upgrade instructions (and the rest of the beta documentation). Remember, never overwrite *ANY* vars_ files unless directed to in the instructions!