version 6.5 Beta Release 1.0 has been released to the Member Area.

UBB.classicâ„¢ 6.5 Beta Release 1.0 is a test version that adds the following new features:

  • Featured topics.
  • Private Message notification.
  • Signature length limit adjustments for admin.
  • Admins now have the ability to set the board to send a welcome PM to new registrants. The private message is customizable.
  • New favicon.
  • User adjustable date/time view.

Some notes-

- There are new images and files that belong in the NonCGI directory, including:
datelib.js bang.gif, feature_topic.gif, unfeature_topic.gif, newpm.gif, powered_by3.gif, and favicon.ico

- The following images have changed:
open_topic.gif, close_topic.gif, delete_topic.gif, and move_topic.gif

- The favicon file will show by default on the board. To change it, replace the file. If you do not wish to have a favicon, remove the file from the NonCGI directory.

Last but not least: Remember, this is a BETA release and we do not recommend that you use this beta for production or mission critical applications.