UBB version has been released to the members area.

Although version is a minor release we encourage you to update. Version contains two fixes.

Added were two email wordlets that were from some of the .zip files.
Also added was increased security filtering for harmful script references.

All of our versions have been updated for this release.

Upgrading from version 6.2.1 is as follows:

Log into your control panel and close your board.
Upload only the changed files listed below in ASCII format.
Log back into your control panel and click the Maintenance pull down.
Click the Upgrade Your UBB option, then click the Upgrade button.
Re-open your board.

Upgrading from older versions.

Please read the upgrade text file contained within your .zip file or the online instructions located at http://www.infopop.com/support/ubb/install.html . Some versions require more steps which are described in more detail in these documents.

The changed files were:



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