Next Generation Product

We've begun working on a new message board product that will attempt to combine the strengths of both of our current downloadable message board products (UBB.classic and UBB.threads).

This new product, yet to be named, is being written in PHP and will run on a MySQL 4 database. It will replace both UBB.classic and UBB.threads and be Infopop's sole downloadable message board. UBB.classic and UBB.threads license-holders will be able to download the next generation product when it becomes available, so long as they have a current member area subscription for their product. We will also be ensuring that versions of UBB.classic and UBB.threads remain available in the member area well beyond the release date of the new product.

Finally, the new product is not simply an upgrade from UBB.classic and UBB.threads. This is an entirely new product and, as such, moving to it will require a data import from your existing message board. If you have a valid UBB.classic or UBB.threads license, however, you will not have to purchase a new license to use the new product!

Consolidating our development efforts on one downloadable message board should result in a better overall product, improved support, and faster development cycles. We'll release more details about the new product over the coming months, but the current projection is for a Spring 2005 release date.

To summarize:

-- The new product is being written in PHP, running on MySQL 4.

-- Your existing UBB.threads or UBB.classic license will apply to the new product.

-- New development on UBB.classic and UBB.threads will cease, with the exception of bug fixes.

-- Old versions of UBB.threads and UBB.classic will remain in the member area, even after the new product is released.

-- If you move from UBB.classic or UBB.threads to the new product, you will actually have to import your data to the new message board (it is not simply an upgrade). This means some settings/information from your current board may be lost (because not all of features/settings will be the same).

-- Release of the new product is not expected until Spring 2005.

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