Version 6.7.2 released

UBB.classic version 6.7.2 has been released to the Member Area. Version 6.7.2 is a maintenance release that has some small bug fixes, and an update to the import/export to stay in step with the latest Eve importer. To import from, or export to, Eve, you must be using version 6.7.2 for the operation to work successfully.

Version Notes:

The importer has been updated to correspond to changes to the Eve importer. If you wish to import into UBB.classic, be sure to grab the latest YAML files from

A new setting has been added to the Primary Settings > General > Advanced area that will allow you to disable the -f flag to sendmail. You should only do this if you are using sendmail, but mails are not being properly sent from the board.

Selected bugfixes:

- The Accelerator should now run properly under PHP 5.
- Added some checks to stop the error resulting from topic move notification emails from being sent to unregistered / deleted users.
- Recent Visitors should now more accurately count visits to private forums from users in certain configurations.
- The mass mail tool should now always respect the user's opt-in/opt-out preference.
- The private message notification icon should now appear if you have registration suspended.
- Added the PM notification icon to the Today's Active Topics page when it is NOT requested from the Accelerator.
- The suggested time offset on the registration page is now calculated correctly.
- Avatars are now saved properly during initial registration. You may need to update your Avatar Settings to correct this problem fully.
- A portion of Javascript code on the FAQ page now no longer prints at the top of the HTML output.
- The initial setup routine now properly uses the Variables Path for certain checks.
- Fixed an Accelerator check that could result in a 404 error when running in spider friendly mode and compatibility mode

Changed File List:


New/Changed Wordlets:
Control Panel: impex_no_yaml2, impex_yaml_threw_error, vars_email-_-usedashf, vars_email-_-usedashf-description

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