UBB.classic 6.7.3 has been released to the Member Area.

This is a minor release that reflects the company name change, updates a part of the importer mechanism, and addresses some minor issues.

- All scripts and templates have been changed in this release. Be sure to properly upload all files. The version check during the upgrade process will point out any files that you did not properly upload.

- The error message you will receive if you do not enter your current password when trying to change your email address has been made much more clear.

- The upgrade routine will no longer create incorrectly pathed Forum directories when creating missing directories. No longer creating extra directories named /path_to.

- You may once again create read-only private forums.

- An error message is now displayed if you try to view the profile of a member that does not exist, or has been deleted. We were formerly displaying a blank profile page.

- You can no longer get to the login page if you are already logged in.

- The URL, Picture, and Avatar fields are now exported as blank rather than the misleading "http://"

- The CSV parser in the import engine has been updated.

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