Why I use UBB.threads and not VBB, phpBB or any other software for my forum? Threads is not perfect and the other boards offer some more features, more add-ons, cheaper.
Is it the time? I start with UBB.classic on a netscape server on Novell netware. Yes, it work. A very small community, few boards. Internet was young and I have no clue about php and database.

Time goes on and the perl cgi version was replaced by the php version. The server was changed, the data imported. All went smooth for a very long time.

Internet grow up, the threads community raise and bring out some handy add-ons. But there was dark clouds on the horizon. Security comes more and more to the focus and other board scripts get more features. Threads falls in a deep winter sleep.

Now, time to change - or not? Should I stay? I review other systems, try data imports. Some work, some not. I setup some testboards but I never release it and stay with threads. The reason for me, why I stay is a good performance, less server resources and it was easy to modify. Security holes was closed and so we can continue.

After a long time Threads7 comes up. All is new and we users have a lot complains, wishes and suggestions. Another long time later we have a nice new system wich work well on most systems. Ic hanged the server 3 time with Threads7 and with the help of this board I bring it to work. We have a small but powerfull community which can dicover and fix a lot of problems in a short time.

I stay with Threads and miss not the features of other systems. Threads looks sometime a little bit old but is this a fault? It work as it should (most times smile ) Its like an old whisky. If you taste deeper you discover the differences.

If we miss something, we post it and wait for upcomming versions. Its like a little X-mas every time a new release is announced.

There are several other reasons why I use it but the main reason is: I'm pleased with UBB.threads and I have a lot of user who use my board.

English is not my main language so dont look at the speeling to close, thank you smile

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Ich kann bei Fragen zu UBBthreads in Deutsch weiterhelfen oder es zumindest versuchen