Well, let me say, this is the product I've been waiting for since I first bought into UBB back in 1999.

I loved UBB.classic but when the latest version of UBB.threads made an appearance it kinda rekindled my passion for my fan site as it was able to allow me to integrate everything into one nice package.

The fact that you can add custom pages makes it even BETTER.

At the moment I am using a different script to post news to the site and have a custom portal page set up to allow this. I hope, that in the future UBB.threads may have the ability to post news the way I have it set up at the moment but the fact that I can customize it to allow what I have in the first place makes this the number one product for me.

As for support...throughout the last 8 years it has been fast and efficient, the name may have changed but the support is still the same. First rate!