BugFix: Changed the up/down arrow indicators on all permission editor screens to graphics since the textual representation for these were not working on all systems.
BugFix: Added the option for Global Moderators to receive notifies under their My Preferences settings.
BugFix: Put in a check into the donotify script to make sure that these are only sent to Active Admins or Global Moderators.
BugFix: Fixed an issue where a blank forum would display at the bottom of a list of subforums.
BugFix: Fixed a problem with rows not alternating colors properly for guests/bots.
BugFix: Fixed an issue with the style changer while looking at a forum.
BugFix: Fixed a sql error with approving topics using the Inline Moderation Tool.
BugFix: Fixed a potential issue where a blank file attachment would lead to the directory permissions being changed on gallery folders.
BugFix: Fixed an issue when deleting a file attachment it would tell you that you were over the limit of allowed file attachments.
BugFix: Fixed a pagination issue on postlist/viewmessages when the number of posts was the exact multiple of set posts per page.
BugFix: Fixed an issue where some browsers were not redirecting to new posts/private messages properly.
BugFix: When User Moods were disabled, individual posts would still show the last mood selected by that user, instead of the default offline/online indicators.
BugFix: When adding a new post to your Watched Topics, the spyglass icon wasn't showing properly on the topic list page.
BugFix: When email verification was turned on, admins would get the wrong user info when being notified of a new user via email.
BugFix: Moderator name colors were not being displayed properly in threaded mode.
BugFix: Added the tmp directory to the permission checker in the control panel.
BugFix: When a member is permanently banned, it wouldn't show the length of the ban when viewing their profile at a later date.
BugFix: Moderators will again get the "Edit User" link when viewing a user profile if they have permission to Edit Users.
BugFix: Moderators will again be able to approve posts via the control panel if they can approve posts in any forum.
BugFix: Mass emails and Notes on individual post mailings weren't preserving formatting via linebreaks.
Bugfix: The language selector at the bottom was showing the directory name and not the actual name chosen for each langage.
BugFix: Hovering over some text and choosing a color in the text editor would erase the text in IE.
BugFix: Previewing a style as a guest user was not working properly.
BugFix: Fixed an issue where the shoutbox would stop refreshing for a user if they tried to post an empty shout.