New Features

  • Rearranged the profile splitting up information into different boxes.
  • Added a UBB Buddies box to the profile page which will show who as added that particular user to their friends list.
  • Added a vistor comments section to the profile page.
  • Removed the general dateslip option and added in an option to set the default sort field and direction for each individual forum, which will allow things like ordering a forum by subject as the default display.
  • Added a new Site Permission of Max Private Topic Length. This allows the admin to set the max number of messages a private topic can contain while still allowing the users in that group to post.
  • Put in an option to use the old style forum search. Full-text searching will probably be faster on larger forums, however this gives the option to search for shorter words or words that might be ignored using Full-text searching.
  • It is now possible to add an image for each group. Users belonging to that group will be able to display that image next to their name. If a user belongs to multiple groups, the user can select a single or multiple images to be displayed.
  • Added an option in the Logging Section of the Control Panel to enable/disable referer logging.
  • Added an option to the Features Section of the Control Panel to enable/disable the Calendar.
  • Added the Multi-Identity detector from UBBDev orginally posted by Chillin. Admins or Mods that have the ability to edit users in the control panel will have a new option under their Preferences to receive a notification when someone logs into multiple accounts.
  • Added 2 new options to the Primary/Advanced section of the Control panel that will allow admins to turn on/off rel="nofollow" in posts and signatures.
  • Added a new portal island to display Most Viewed topics. Sirdude supplied the original code. Control panel settings will allow the admin to exclude certain forums from this list.
  • Added a control panel option under Display Options -> Post / Reply Page options to specify the Maximum number of allowed nested quotes.

  • The CSS class used for post previews has been changed so it will look the same as the one used when viewing the actual post.
  • Spaces will now be removed from the beginning and end of Login Names, Display Names and Passwords.
  • Added a link to view the Board Rules in the footer.
  • If the poster has the ability to lock a topic in a forum, they will get the option to lock a topic while creating one.
  • It is now possible to reply to global announcements as long as the user has the ability to reply to regular topics. Locking the announcement will make it so it cannot be replied to.
  • Since the Member List can be sorted by Last Online, it will now show when each user was last online.
  • Modified the download script so it will pull images from the browser cache if available instead of redownloading every time.
  • It is now possible to remove a SQL error logfile while viewing it, instead of having to find it in the list again. Thanks to Blaaskaak for the modification.
  • Users will be able to delete comments posted to their own profile.
  • It is now possible for admins to change subscriptions done via PayPal through the Control Panel. This only modifies the UBB.threads data, and might still require editing the subscription through your paypal account as well.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a couple lingering issues with post tracking and threaded mode.
  • Fixed a bug with global moderators in the domodmanage.php script. Thanks to Blaaskaak for finding and fixing the issue.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-url markup where it wasn't converting the link if it contained %20 or +.
  • Fixed a bug with the download script where it was trying to save all images as a .bmp in IE when trying to save. This would only happen on certain installs.
  • Fixed an issue where some fields were being grabbed from the database twice during the intiial script load.
  • Fixed a bug where the ubbcode parser wouldn't parse more than 3 levels of quotes.
  • A variety of other small undocumented fixes.

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