I have been using the subscription feature since it first arrived in ubbthreads, about 1 year now, some subscriptions start renewing in a few days.

Question 1) All thru this year when a person cancels the subscription recurring payment in there paypal account, it automatically cancels there subscription on ubbthreads resulting in myself or a moderator having to switch there membership group back on and verifying payment was originally made thru paypal.
Very time consuming and happens all the time.

Question 2) For one reason or another there are many paying/nonpaying members that we have switched on there group as paid, when we really never received a payment from or took the payment elsewhere.

Also a reason for switching on members group as paid was because the problem we have in question #1, could the member that was canceled from paypal and then we switched back on now have no expiration date?

If this happened to a member now there is no start date or end date of there subscription.

We could have members floating with free membership all this year that will never get notified or be asked to make a payment.

Since I started the subscription process almost exaclty 1 year ago, I need to run a query that will find all members who are in a paying group without a expiration date and also make sure the problem with question #1 does not play any factor.

Maybe the answer once the query finds them is to set a date of expiration but for members that played a role in question #1 is revert back to there original expiration if it still exists.