I have seen quite a few posts about how to get revenue from your forum. I have had some success with Amazon, but I just found some thing that I thought makes a lot of sense.

What if you give away a Free Web App to all of your forum members as a Thank You for being loyal members? This App would save them "time and money" (who couldn't use money savings) every time they used any major search engine. The App sits on top of any of the major search engines and will sort through all they top paid ads to get to the best deals for the user. Then you get paid every month for every Free App you gave away that people use for searching. It is also tied into Amazon, ClickBank, and a lot of retailers to pay commission for purchases, so you can get PPC (PayPerClick) and PPP (PayPerPurchase) income.

So I see this as a win – win. We all want happy members, they are saving money and you get paid money. It would be easy to put a few banners on your site and maybe a post to the members with a clickable banner. I don’t have mine set up just yet; I am working with some Rescue Groups to use this to help fund their efforts.

Quick 7 min. Audio. http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WPHR2zYW

If you want to see the App in action, go to www.myshoppinggenie.com/vlm and get the free App.

If you are interested or have questions just send me a PM.