The Double 100 Contest!

With the recent change to our facebook and twitter pages, we are starting over again from scratch with our fans and followers. So with that in mind, we're running 2 contests side by side. One for Facebook and one for Twitter. So, here's the scoop.

The Facebook Contest

Once we reach 100 fans on Facebook, we'll pick a random Fan and that person will receive 3 months of free hosting on our Gold hosting plan.

You can take part of this contest by becoming a fan of our Facebook page. Just go to that URL and give us a Like!

The Twitter Contest

Once we reach 100 followers on Twitter, we'll pick a random follower and that person will receive one of 2 options. They can receive a free UBB License with 1 year of members area access included, or free members area access for life on an existing license.

You can take part of this contest by following us on Twitter.


We are guaranteeing these prizes. Once we announce a winner for each contest, that person will have 3 days to get back to us. If they do not get back to us within 3 days, then we'll repeat the process of choosing another random person and giving them 3 days. We'll repeat this process until a winner receives the prize for their specific contest.

How will the winner be chosen?

It's simple, no complex algorithms or random numbers generated. We'll bring up a list of all of our fans or followers and my 5 year old son will point at the winner.


* No employee of Mindraven may take part in either contest.
* You can only be declared the winner of 1 contest. If you happen to be picked for both contests, you'll get your choice of which prize you want, and we'll select a different person for the other contest.

You can discuss this contest here.