We've decided to phase out our UBB Affiliate program and stick it in together with our Mindraven Hosting Affiliate Program. There are several reasons for this, including the payouts being much better for the Mindraven Affiliate program, a better system in place for tracking, better incentives for customers, etc.

We'll eventually be moving our UBB purchasing over to the same system, so you can still get affiliate payouts from those that just purchase UBB and not hosting.

As such, we've removed the UBB Affiliates forum and replaced it with a new forum dedicated to Mindraven Hosting, the affiliate program, feedback, etc. So if you want to comment on this, or ask questions, the new forum is here.

We'll still do payouts for those that still have their UBB links in place, it's just that we won't be taking any new signups.

If you haven't read about the Mindraven Affiliate program, you can do so here.