I'm sure new comers and old dog's alike often wonder who the staff and volunteers are here at UBBCentral, and here's the post to make some clarification.

The current owner of UBB.threads and of UBBCentral since June of 2011 is UBBSystems (Brooks).

The former owners of UBB.Threads are Rick (Rick Baker, Mindraven), Ted (Ted O'Neill, Social Strata/Groupee/Infopop/Madrona Park)

Current Developers
James Corthell (Gizmo) - UBB.Dev Owner, UBB.Wiki Owner, VNC Web Services Owner.
Isaac DeCoursey (id242)

Volunteers (These users are in service due to their experience with the product over numerous years and are thus considered the Guru's of the UBB).
Global Moderator - Ruben (UBB.Wiki Editor)

Beta Testers

Former Staff
Charles Capps (CC, Groupee; Developer for both UBB.Threads and UBB.Classic)
David Dreezer (Navaho, Groupee; Project Manager for both UBB.Threads and UBB.Classic)
Ian Spence (3rd Party Developer for Mindraven)
SD (3rd Party Developer for UBBSystems)

I am a Web Development Contractor, I do not work for UBBCentral. I have provided free User to User Support since the beginning of these support forums.
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