It has been quite a while since I have been here but drop in from time to time to look and see what is happening. I closed my data center almost 2 years ago and only run one server now for my personal use these days as I need to process my own DNS and other things per my connection agreement as my own ISP. Not like I have any desires to do anything professional with the connection but maintain it and keep the allotted bank of IP addresses as I'm grandfathered in on the killer price.

I have not used a message board in quite some time either for my self or been part of one either but still think if the systems. I have totally stopped programming now and don't have much interest since I turned down a job almost 3 years ago in D.C. without any thought. Times have changed and places like Facebook pretty much have destroyed the message board systems use and desire. Not much to say there though.

I hope all you guys are doing well. My health is not the greatest anymore and I am living every day as a new day of life as in 2012 I almost didn't make it past Memorial Day.

I have been thinking of making one last program converting my banning system to PHP and releasing it as a GPL for everyone to use on sites like this to stop people from messing with interactive content on the internet and being jerks. It's just in the thought stage at this time and maybe I will actually start it this year.

I can not do my music / live sound production anymore for health reasons but have set a dude up with an arena system I built and he is doing productions under my banner and keeping my dream alive. I do attend shows, weather permitting for me, and still enjoy the live concert experience. My last arena system I engineered really kicks and does well. It's always nice to see it in action and hear it reproduce quality sound.