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ShoutChat Box #262389 02/20/2019 5:15 PM
Joined: Mar 2015
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M4TT Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Mar 2015
Posts: 88

The shout button isn't changing according to the major button style, any way to fix this?

In Form Properties, the Major Button has a different coloring than the Form Button.

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Re: ShoutChat Box [Re: M4TT] #262390 02/20/2019 5:25 PM
Joined: Jun 2006
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Gizmo Offline
UBB.threads Developer
UBB.threads Developer
Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 15,851
The .major-button class is for highlighting important buttons on the page for members to contribute content; as the shoutbox contributes no forum content (as it will scroll off with activity) and generally lives only in the sidebar, it isn't an area that we feel should have a highlighted button.

Following that logic, the .major-button class is only in use in the following templates:
[gizmo@vncservices ~]# grep -r "major-button" /public_html/forum/
/public_html/forum/templates/default/editusers.tpl:<input type="button" onclick="location.href='{ubb url="ubb=add_favorite_user"}';" value="{$lang.ADD_FAVORITE}" class="form-button major-button" />
/public_html/forum/templates/default/notifymod.tpl:<input type="submit" name="sendit" value="{$lang.SEND_IT}" class="form-button major-button" />
/public_html/forum/templates/default/quickreply.tpl:<input class="form-button major-button" type="button" name="textcont" value="{$lang.POST_REPLY}" onclick="submitPost()" tabindex="2">
/public_html/forum/templates/default/viewmessage.tpl:<input type="submit" name="textcont" value="{$lang.POST_REPLY}" class="form-button major-button" />
/public_html/forum/templates/default/gallerylist.tpl:<div class="form-button major-button" onclick="location.href='{ubb url="ubb=newpost&Board=$Board"}';">
/public_html/forum/templates/default/newreply.tpl:<input type="button" tabindex="3" name="textcont" value="{$lang.SUBMIT_REPLY}" onclick="submitPost();" class="form-button major-button">
/public_html/forum/templates/default/newpost.tpl:<input type="button" tabindex="3" name="textcont" value="{$lang.SUBMIT_NEWTOPIC}" onclick="submitPost();" class="form-button major-button">
/public_html/forum/templates/default/sendprivate.tpl:          <input type="submit" tabindex="5" name="textcont" value="{$lang.SUBMIT_MSG}" class="form-button major-button" />
/public_html/forum/templates/default/mess_handler.tpl: <input type="submit" tabindex="3" name="buttsubmit" value="{$lang.SUBMIT_REPLY}" class="form-button major-button">
/public_html/forum/templates/default/showflat.tpl:<td class="form-button major-button" onclick="location.href='{ubb url="ubb=newreply&Number=$first_post"}';" style="min-width:90px;">{$lang.NEW_REPLY}</td>
/public_html/forum/templates/default/admin/editstyle.tmpl:if (strpos($extra_css,"\n.major-button{")) {                 $extra_css_txt .= "<tr><td>"    ."Form" ."</td><td>"    .".major-button"        ."</td></tr>";}
/public_html/forum/templates/default/admin/stylepreview.tmpl:<input type="button" class="form-button major-button" value="Major Button" />
/public_html/forum/templates/default/postlist.tpl:<div class="form-button major-button" onclick="location.href='{ubb url="ubb=newpost&Board=$Board"}';">
/public_html/forum/scripts/<div class=\"ubbcode-block\" style=\"margin-bottom:2px;margin-left:2px;\"><div class=\"ubbcode-header\">{$ubbt_lang['PDF_ATTACHED']} <input type=\"button\" class=\"form-button major-button\" style=\"margin:0 14px;padding:2px 14px;\" value=\"{$ubbt_lang['PDF_SHOW']}\" onClick=\"toggle_spoiler(this, '{$ubbt_lang['PDF_HIDE']}', '{$ubbt_lang['PDF_SHOW']}')\"></div>
/public_html/forum/scripts/   $changebutton = "<input tabindex=\"3\" type=\"submit\" name=\"peditchange\" value=\"{$ubbt_lang['PEDIT_CHANGE']}\" class=\"form-button major-button\">";

You could edit the shoutbox templates (island_shoutbox.tpl and shoutchat.tpl) and insert the class into the shoutbox button by changing
<input type="button" class="form-button sb-butt" onclick="shoutit();" value="Shout" />

<input type="button" class="form-button major-button sb-butt" onclick="shoutit();" value="Shout" />

Please note that any modifications to the base code are completely unsupported.

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