UBB.threads 7.7.5 has been released and is now available to download in the Member Area.
Version 7.7.5 brings a new responsive layout to your gallery forums, and a new image viewer for attached images. YouTube URLs are now automatically inlined without the need to wrap them in BBCode. Just paste the video's address where you want it to display within in your post. This version contains added features, updates, maintenance items, and fixes. It has been tested to be compatible with php 5.4 - php 7.4.

Primary Changes In This Release
  • New image viewer for galleries and image attachments.
  • Direct to-image-linking and sharing.
  • Auto YouTube Video Embedding using just its URL.
  • New responsive image gallery albums.
  • Improved Likes behavior and reporting pages.
  • Improved emailing from CP batch and direct emails.
  • Inline-Code code is new for BBCode.
  • Fixed "multiple-Like" bug.
  • Added rebuilders for Likes.
  • Updated UBBT77 and UBBT77-Dark styles.
  • Added more friendly URL formatting (SEO) to the URLs.
  • Updated most all libraries and assets.
  • Cleanup of UBB scripts, templates, and CSS files.
  • More bug squashing and layout updates.

Version Discussion and Changelog