If unread threads in a forum exceed one page and the threads are sorted most recent on top, reading posts is tedious.

I read the oldest of the “new post” threads first working my way up the list to the thread with most recent post. If I use “Hop To” or click one level up in the bread crumb path it always returns you to page 1 of threads. The browser back button will bring you back to the page where you started but the thread will not be marked as being read.

Clicking “Next Thread” will mark the thread as read and move to the next new thread but when you read posts in the last (top) thread in the forum the “Next Thread” drops you into another forum without any notice.

Making a post in a thread also puts you back on page one. If you have a very active thread that has not been visited in awhile the oldest thread with a new post may be on page 10 but the pages link may only go as far as page 3 e.g.

Page 1 of 25 1 2 3 … 24 25

You have to use go to page drop down in order to get back to page 10 to read the next post. You have to remember the page you were on then there are extra clicks and keystrokes. If you are using Next Thread and make post reply you don’t know which page of the thread you were on.

It would improve usability when returning to the thread list you landed on the same page you were on at the start.Similarly when making a post it would be smoother to return to the same page of the thread where you started your reply.

It is not a bug but just an aggravation factor.


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