I wanted to take a moment to thank the developers of UBBThreads. We just changed hosting companies, and I took advantage of the move to upgrade from 7.4 to 7.5. I wanted to thank the developers for adding a feature which, while I didn't realize it was needed, makes a huge difference.

We moderate new member accounts until they have posted four times. Each post has to be read (by me) to see if it should or should not be approved. (It helps keep spammers off our board.) In version 7.5, you added a feature that previews the post right in Control Panel. So now, I only have to go to Control Panel/Posts Awaiting Approval and I can read part of the post and approve it without taking the extra step of actually opening the post and reading it in a separate window.

It's a little thing, perhaps, but it shows that the developers are thinking about making things easier for admins.

IOW, it's proof of the quality of their work.

Thank you.

The Stovebolt Geek

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