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#264451 10/25/2020 5:45 AM
by isaac
UBB.threads 7.7.5 has been released and is now available to download in the Member Area.

TOC / Overview
UBB.threads 7.7.5 Changelog
What is Inline-Code BBCode?
Upgrading UBB.threads 7
What to do next? Discussion

UBB.threads 7.7.5 Changelog
Version 7.7.5 brings a new responsive layout to your gallery forums, and a new image viewer for attached images. YouTube URLs are now automatically inlined without the need to wrap them in BBCode. Just paste the video's address where you want it to display within in your post. This version contains added features, updates, maintenance items, and fixes. It has been tested to be compatible with php 5.4 - php 7.4.

Primary Changes In This Release
  • New image viewer for galleries and image attachments.
  • Direct to-image-linking and sharing.
  • Auto YouTube Video Embedding using just its URL.
  • New responsive image gallery albums.
  • Improved Likes behavior and reporting pages.
  • Improved emailing from CP batch and direct emails.
  • Inline-Code code is new for BBCode.
  • Fixed "multiple-Like" bug.
  • Added rebuilders for Likes.
  • Updated UBBT77 and UBBT77-Dark styles.
  • Added more friendly URL formatting (SEO) to the URLs.
  • Updated most all libraries and assets.
  • Cleanup of UBB scripts, templates, and CSS files.
  • More bug squashing and layout updates.

Summary of Changes
### Added
- Image viewer for galleries and image attachments has been updated to provide multiple new features.
Briefly, here is what this update provides:
  • Now supports touch and swipe navigation on touchscreen devices, as well as mouse drag, mouse scroll-wheel, and keyboard navigation for desktops. This allows users to navigate between slides by either swipe or mouse drag.
  • Now allows double-clicking on the image to see its actual size. Zoom-in and zoom-out controls can be used for changing the zoom values of the image.
  • Now allows you to share your images/videos to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest with unique URL.
  • Now displays a carousel of thumbnails when multiple images are in the gallery group.

- Auto YouTube Video Embedding using just its URL.
  • Forum users can now do YouTube videos in-line with their post by using any URL link, as has become standard now with social media sites. No need for BBCode to display YouTube videos in-line with posts.
  • Your forum's current custom tags are untouched. They will continue to work as expected. They can be removed or disabled if you choose.
  • When you remove or disable your custom tag for embedding YouTube videos, the new built-in YouTube display kicks in and will do the job. Doing this will leave your current open/close custom tags within your forum's posts. You can can manually remove those sets with a query string to replace [ youtube ] and [ /youtube ] text if you choose.

Note: If forums have a custom tag for inserting YouTube BBCode Tags, that custom tag will continue to display within the Post Editor's "Insert Media Tag" menu. As of UBB.threads 7.7.5, you no longer need to insert media tags for the inline display of YouTube videos. The processing is all built in and automatic, just like the processing of URLs. Magic URLs now handles YouTube URLs.

- Added Inline Code to BBCode. Inline code formatting is used to emphasize a small command or piece of syntax within a line you are writing. It is accessed either by [ c ]...text...[ /c ] or in the standard editor code drop-down ("#"). This new BBCode puts the contained bits in between the HTML, and is styled with the .bbcode CSS class. Properties for the inline code container style is at Control Panel > Styles > Edit or Add a Style > UBBCode Properties.
- Private Message/Topics participants are no longer hidden behind a drop-down menu. The current participants are now displayed above the OP.
- Added Control Panel config setting for allowing users to Like posts in locked threads.
- Added "Community Slogan" which will appear with your forum Community Title in emails and other key locations. This is configured within Control Panel > General.
- CP: Prune any duplicate post likes originating from a single user id. This action can be done from within the Content Rebuilder.
- CP: Force the use of larger MySQL data chunks in legacy web server environments (older PHP versions) when pruning or rebuilding content. This option is not available when using a modern PHP version. This is configured within Control Panel > Paths & Database > Database: Force Database Big Limits)
- CP: Admin Logs for Batch Member actions are now more detailed. The full SQL command is logged, along with either "Selected Members in Search" or "All Members in Search."
- New JustifiedGallery asset version 3.8.1.
- New LightGallery asset version 1.9.0.

### Changed
- Post Options Menu is now the Post Sharing Menu, and is displayed as a share-icon on the left side of the post's number.
- Flag/Report Post has been moved out from the Post Options Menu, and now displays next to the post share menu.
- Improved navigation for Likes summary, thread Likes, and user's Likes pages.
- Mailing/Forwarding a single post will now return you back to the post you had just mailed.
- Updated Email Properties of each included UBBT77 styles for a more modern presentation.
- More friendly URL formatting (SEO) to several return-to URLs.
- Move/Merge Thread and Post tools will automatically select the radio-button for the desired action.
- Move Thread and Post tools will now display the forum you are currently in.
- Reformatted several SQL queries throughout the scripts.
- Updated Robots (Crawlers) list from 20200114 to build 20200924.
- Updated the included UBBT77 styles.
- CP: Send Email will now display all content that is within the email body being sent. "Hello Username," is displayed while composing the message, so you can modify or remove it entirely to have your direct email from the forum used as a forum newsletter mailer, or direct support reply to an email address using your forum mailer template as a wrapper.
- CP: Approve Posts now displays the post's date and a truncated preview of the post. This is in addition to linking directly to the post awaiting approval.
- CP: Columns within Approve Posts are now zebra-striped, have hover-over row highlighting, and columns are now sortable.
- CP: Columns within the SQL Error Log are now zebra-striped, have hover-over row highlighting, and columns are now sortable.
- CP: Larger MySQL data chunks on modern web server environments when pruning or rebuilding content. The reduces the time required per action within the Content Rebuilder.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Language Upgrader: This tool has been improved to allow it to be run multiple times for tracking down language file check errors. Available options have been defined.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Language Upgrader: Missing string lines can now be directly copied from the upgrader to your language files. This is useful for forum owners who choose to update their language files manually.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Any obsolete database columns are cleaned up during the upgrade process.
- Updated FontAwesome library from 5.12.1 to version 5.15.1.
- Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.27 to version 5.2.28.
- Updated Smarty library from 3.1.34 to version 3.1.36.
- Updated jQuery library from 3.4.1 to version 3.5.1.
- Updated Dropzone asset from 5.5.0 to version 5.7.2.
- Updated Expander asset from 1.7.0 to version 2.0.1.
- Updated Jdenticon asset from 2.2.0 to version 3.0.1.
- Updated TableSorter asset from 2.31.2 to version 2.31.3.
- Updated TinyMCE asset from 5.2.0 to version 5.5.1.

### Fixed
- Cursor will now start in the input box when the forum Quick Search is opened.
- Member profile display of posts-per-day for users who have registered within the past 24 hours has been fixed.
- Long post titles in threads will now truncate as needed.
- Reply and Quick-Reply will now reply to the correct post, rather than always replying to the first post in the thread. This also fixes threaded display mode.
- Fixed typo of "Pintrest" to "Pinterest" within the Whos Online referrer list and Social links.
- Category expand/collapse carets now use FontAwesome fonts. This fixes the problem of having a black caret image being difficult to see on a dark category title bar. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this display issue.)
- Fixed special HTML character display in subject line of forum Emails.
- Fixed blank posts when the post contains unknown Unicode characters.
- Text Emails now have their HTML parsed and will only display text.
- Cookie setting for collapsed categories will now clean up any redundant pipes on change.
- Fixed a bug that could allow members to submit multiple post Likes when a forum server is lagging. Content Rebuilder tools within the Control Panel have been created to prune any duplicate post likes and rebuild post counts.
- Fixed an error that would generate a SQL log message when a URL was been manipulated to add more pages than what is intended or is available. (Thanks to Morgan for reporting this bug!)
- CP: Fixed the long-standing rare bug of a blank configuration file ( being written. $_POST must now contain a valid_post key before it will process the file lock_and_write update request.
- CP: Post Islands, Gallery Islands, and Popular Topics Islands will now respect the total/limits you set from within Portal Settings. (Thanks to Digitalgas for being the first to report this bug.)
- CP: Fixed in the Send Email tool, when no "Send Email To" address is entered, your email would be sent to all results within you prior Member Search session.
- CP: The entry boxes for Primary Administrator User and Cookie Lifetime numbers were too small to view in some browsers. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this bug.)
- CP: StopForumSpam connectivity test has been updated and is now displayed in page rather than as a new window.
- CP: Fixed SQL strict mode Error: 1366 "Incorrect integer value" when creating new forums. (Thanks to FREAK for reporting this bug.)
- CP: Fixed SQL strict mode Error: 1292 "Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value" when deleting an old forum. (Thanks to FREAK for reporting this bug.)
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix conditional statement related to PHP 7.1+ for disabled styles.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix language upgrader and database altertable layouts.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix upgrader scripts related to UBBT 7.0.0: A cache builder check has been added to support upgrades from 2006 and older versions. Fixed a MySQL 4 storage "type" vs "engine" usage to support upgrades from 2008 and older versions.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix each language file upgrade related to ubbt 7.0.0 through 7.5.6.
- Multiple minor letter-case and spelling corrections within the language files.
- Minor HTML validation fixes.
- Code fixes for php 7.4.

### Removed
- The custom tag for YouTube Video Embedding has been removed from the UBB.threads installer. YouTube Video Embedding is now automatically done when the user submits their post.
- The custom tag for Flash Video Embedding has been removed from the UBB.threads installer. Current forums with this custom tag enabled will continue to function, though because it is EOL, we encourage that you remove or disable it (Control Panel > Content Rebuilder > Custom Tag Editor).

All notable version changes can be found in the UBB.threads 7 Changelog
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#264461 Oct 26th a 08:37 PM
by Morgan
All styles had todays date and time stamp
I was stupid to delete the one I believed was old. The only thing different i found was in
CP> Styles> styles settings >Name, Images & Wrapper > General images
one read Ventura the other Default_Dark
I guessed it would have been me in the past changing to Default_Dark
That one was it that I deleted and I hope and think it was the correct file.

The little red flag was feedback Gizmo but I thank you for the string.

I have tested the Youtube inline link. Fantastic.

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#264459 Oct 26th a 08:04 PM
by Gizmo
Originally Posted by Morgan
I also chose to install the UBBT77 styles and I then got problems identifying the new vs old.
The last update date should display a newer date for the new styles. Additionally, if you hover over the preview link, the newest styles will have the largest id number.

Originally Posted by Morgan
Oh I see the report flag and it melts in, I'm thinking can one make it red like the little "NEW" icon so it stands out more?
You can customise your forum by editing the post_gallery.tpl, post_side.tpl, and post_top.tpl template files and inserting a custom styling entry on the Fontawesome flag icon such as:

<i class="fas fa-flag titlebar-item" aria-hidden="true"></i>

<i class="fas fa-flag titlebar-item" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#d30303;"></i>

But this would be a discussion for UBBDev as modification support is not provided at UBBCentral.
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#264460 Oct 26th a 08:11 PM
by isaac
Originally Posted by Morgan
Could not see ant difference on the Dark at all but the light was easier cause i had changed the name on the old.

From within Control Panel > Styles, the Last Edited column will display with the style was last saved. The columns can be sorted by clicking on their header.

[Linked Image]

If you've chosen not to install the updated stock styles during your upgrade, or you need to restore any of the stock styles, you can import them in to your forums using the Import Style tab at the bottom of that page. The stock styles form the ubbthreads archive are located within install/styles/
Attached Images
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#264468 Oct 27th a 07:02 PM
by Ruben
I can't begin to say how much smoother upgrading is today.
Compared to 5-10 years ago.
Thanks to isaac

It is almost flawless now
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by isaac
Ok, I understand now. Thank you laugh

I will move this version 7.7.2 bug report out of the 7.7.5 changelog, and in to its own thread.

EIther disable News Blocks, which will fix the html-encoded characters right now. OR As an admin account, change the post on your site to "HTML and UBBCode" which should be a quick fix for right now. I'm not sure if you can do this if the post was created by a non-admin account. but...

I have a simple code update for you to do on your portal template to fix it. But I am on mobile at the moment, and wont be near a desktop for another few more hours, as it is 3:30 AM Pacific time where I'm at right now.

Again, thank you.
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#264532 Nov 16th a 08:39 PM
by Ruben
Thanks for the detailed info and options
I plan to upgrade 2 sites this week so I will need to decide then what option works best to use with Youtube
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