Hi All,

As a long-time UBB customer, I am looking to upgrade from UBB.classic 6.5.0 to the latest version of UBB.threads.

1) Would I qualify for the $149 upgrade pricing?

2) I can dig up my License number but it's on a computer that is not hooked up right now, and my e-mail address has changed so, I would be listed under a different e-mail address (jrobill@jackrussells.com). Could someone send me my license to my new e-mail address (on this profile)?

3) Is threads now entirely stored in a database now? The reason I ask is because I want to integrate chat and the chat solution will use the forum login credentials for seamless chat login from the forums if the forum login information is stored in a database.

I may have more questions but don't want to overwhelm you. smile

Thanks for continuing this downloadable forum solution!