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Well I finally got around to installing IE8 on a xp3 machine.
I don't see a issue on at least three sites.
Including registering on your site. Possibly it is the referrer check that really is a issue.
As well as what internet security software is used???

Im not using firewall at all, and I dont think it's the problem. If I enter my site typing 'trosfrihed.dk' in the browser line, then im being correctly redirected to http://www.trosfrihed.dk, but im not getting logged in. If i close browserwindow, then open a new browserwindow and typing www.trosfrihed.dk in the browserline, then its possible to log in.

I did try to set my domain with and without 'www' in 'http referer check' and enabled 'http referer check' but it didnt changed anything frown

Custom Ubb 7.5.2