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Which style did you add the changes to? I see you have multiple styles and I don't see the additions on the default one when looking directly at your .css file. It looks like there might be changes to the hover color, but not the link and visited link sections.

Also forgot to mention on the topicsubject one you'll need to do the same for the alt-topicsubject new-topicsubject and new-alt-topicsubject.

But I'd start with just working on the .forumtitle one for the forum titles until you get the hang of how it's changed.

The DemonGov Skin

I'm trying to make it look like this:


(The page loads slow, but it does work. Just wait until it loads)

Ok, I did what you said. It looks blue now.

But the Forum Description also looks blue (I want it black)

I went to Category/Forum Properties


It had no color, so I made it black


It still looked blue so I added it black also in the Special Link Properties there. It still looks blue

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